The doctors explained how posture during sleep affects health

14.09.2018 10:28

"МедикиThis most do not realize.

According to recent studies, sleeping on your left side having a positive effect on the digestive system (especially stomach and pancreas) and the immune system.

Thus, improving performance of the whole organism. Increases the ability of the lymphatic system remove from the body various toxins and waste products.

But on the back of professionals suggest not to fall asleep because of the risk of snoring and difficulty breathing. In this position reduces the level of oxygen in the blood and increases the risk of various respiratory abnormalities. In turn, sleep on my right side interferes with the function of the digestive and lymphatic systems.

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There are rules changes posture. To roll over while sleeping on the left side, it is necessary to leave to the left, and the lamp (if any) to put right, because people on a subconscious level in sleepy turns away from the light.

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